28 Jun 2021

Musical Bond II

So, I've caught an epiphany. Literary recital bond and motion recital bond have been what I'm familiar with. It's not that I found musical recital bond far-fetched, rather I think it conflicting with music as a Way, i.e. a Gap.

21 Jun 2021

Musical Bond

Most people are influenced by someone or people on the path they've chosen to walk or believed they should walk. Sometimes, these influencers are or become direct mentors, and other times they are connected to via contents they've created. Thus, contents can possess the force to direct a person on their path.

9 Jul 2020

The Continuum

It ends and continues. As long as one has an identity, life continues even when it seems to have ended, because at such points it never end. It rests, it disintegrates, it transforms while alive still. 

1 Mar 2018

How I Rehearse II

Now that I’ve distinguished my voice types, and can hear better, I thought it good that I have routine warm up exercises (for ease and vibrancy). So, I tried out Tiffany Vanboxtel's epic warm up; and it gave a good result. Hence, I’ve been consistent with it alongside some other warm up exercises of hers. 

25 Feb 2018

My Vocal Range IV

After the production of ‘Why’ and my realization that I employ different voice types, I decided to study it further. I started off by trying to separate them – to locate and distinguish them within my voice. And I tagged them: bass, alto and soft.

11 Sept 2017

My Vocal Range III

I once told someone my primary concern with my voice was to figure it out. This turned out to take eternity. However, just recently I achieved that.

10 Sept 2017

Why (Album)

Production began April 7th, 2017, ended June 24th, 2017 and the album was released on the 25th June, 2017. The album was produced by Efe-Keeyz. And for convenience, the production was split into two; the first four songs were produced first, then the rest.

15 Mar 2017

2016 Singles

This is a compilation of all my singles in 2016 and they are just four: Hey, Oblivion, Hush and Secret Lover. It was compiled on the 25th November, 2016.

14 Jan 2017

Hush & Secret Lover

These two singles were produced concurrently between 12th and 16th November, 2016. They were produced by Efe-Keeyz.