1 Mar 2018

How I Rehearse II

Now that I’ve distinguished my voice types, and can hear better, I thought it good that I have routine warm up exercises (for ease and vibrancy). So, I tried out Tiffany Vanboxtel's epic warm up; and it gave a good result. Hence, I’ve been consistent with it alongside some other warm up exercises of hers. 

I came across Tiffany Vanboxtel via online search, when I had a vocal collapse in 2016. Her ‘How to get rid of breathy vocal tone’ helped me greatly, alongside some of her other YouTube videos. Which is why I ‘went to her’ first for my warm up exercises, and I’m glad I did. Before, I warm up with my songs (or those of others) starting with the medium ranged downwards then up, and it takes me about 25mins. Tiffany's takes about the same time too,  and with a better result. I did try it on my Mezzo only first, for about two days, and it had a good effect on my whole voice.  

After the warm up, I go into singing my songs using my instrumentals or singing along to the full version. With the warm up, I’m able to sing fully with next to no cracks nor undue breaks. And if I wish to sing a song without a track back up, or a new song in progress, it’s all good. Now, I have my (twenty-two) songs selectively split into two lists, and I rotate the list when I rehearse. Afterwards, I move to my other-artists' rehearsal list; which is split into two too and being rotated also. This enlistment helps me strengthen my voice, hearing, technique and versatility. And I’ve come to realize, I make my pick not just on voice types but genre too – though that’s not rigid, and arrangements – which employ versatile pitch. 

My present rehearsal lists of other-artists include at least a song from the following artists: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Labrinth, Adele, Enya,  Owl City, Cy Nothing Parker, Serena Onasis, Miley Cyrus, Harley Reinhart, Helldorado, Apothica, ‘The Cold Never Bothers Me' – Idina Menzel, ‘A Million Ways to Die' – Alan Jackson, ‘O Mio Babbino Cara' – Kiri te Kanawa, ‘Queen of the Night' – Lucia Popp.  

Now, don’t think much of the operas, as they are there to help me build a good stamina; and I just La La ‘Queen of the Night'. While, Owl City is the only one with four songs, as the highest from others are two songs, because of the diversity of his songs on my voice and construction; and I can’t afford more from others because of time. Then, I’m not thinking of covers as such, because I usually don’t do a thorough execution of others' song. E.g. belting: I rarely follow it through because I feel it’s over emphasized sometimes; and I have a broad range I won’t want to stupidly ruin because of another persons' technique or versatility.  

In conclusion, the warm up, my song's list and other-artists' list take up to two hours. Afterwards, I go into some other songs, e.g. new compositions, if not constrained by time or tiredness. So, I spend about three hours a day, for two to four days a week; and certainly, not all year round.