15 Oct 2016

My Songs II

When I started out recording my songs in the studio, I was barely a singer. I did it because I felt it would help me - why should I keep paying coaches that could barely help me. I believed going headlong would make a difference and it did; though not rapidly. It was facing my musical challenges directly - essentially crafting and hearing notes. In all, it was a gradual bringing forth of my creativity and I’m glad it’s been progressive.

Certainly, if not for my intuition, I would never have come this far in music. My heart led me on and encouraged me even when there wasn’t any significant improvement. So, till date I still ask myself what is music because of my experience. What is music to Life? And I’m yet to find the best answer, but my conjecture is: it’s certainly not just entertainment. Music entertains and refreshes, but I think there’s more to it. However, with time, I got encouragement and support from people.

My songs are composed just the way I want them to be; what I love to hear lyric-wise and/or music-wise. In the initial instance, I made sure I didn’t emulate any artist I love. My focus was to bring forth myself. Definitely, we do rub off on each other but I did my best to minimize that. So, I focused on my inner interest; and today I’m glad I did. Eventually, It helped me know why I love the songs I love. Thus, it turned out I love abstractive lyrics and wide intervals in music. So, it has to be either or both present in a song for me to love it; genre doesn’t matter. But why I love them? I can’t give a definite answer. I just think we are who we are, and must strive to identify who we are.

At this stage, I think my songs are best regarded as demos. But since they were independently produced (and their production fair), I never saw the need to tag them as such. In other words, all I’ve done so far is best regarded as a project.