14 Jan 2017

Hush & Secret Lover

These two singles were produced concurrently between 12th and 16th November, 2016. They were produced by Efe-Keeyz.

Hush is dark; and I love it. I’ve always wanted to write a dark song. I’d made the attempt few times, but ended up with another perspective. However, on Feb. 8th, 2016 I succeeded in an attempt, and there came “Hush”. But its arrangement and vocalization wasn’t easy (for me to sing) at first. So, I kept rehearsing it (and it was part of what led to my vocal collapse in early 2016); I wanted it slow, soft and breathy. At the end, I got it. Hush’s theme is mystery - a peek into an unveiling mystery. And it can be personalized as the sighting of the unveiling of an obscurity.

For Secret Lover, I just wanted Rock and fun. So, as I wrote it I maintained that focus. It was composed on the 17th September, 2015. However, the idea of it came from Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”; I love the Rock and emotion of that song. But I chose fun instead of heartbreak. And the plot went from loneliness to being coupled. My producer altered the rhythm of the chorus a bit to make it quite ‘rocky’.

Secret Lover’s artwork is got and used with permission from Cy Parker - https://cynothing.com; https://twitter.com/CyNothing; https://soundcloud.com/competitorproduct. It was a painting of his that I’d seen and I felt it expressed the theme of my song.