9 Aug 2016

Butterfly (EP)

This EP was produced and released in 2015. All the songs, except for “My Friend” were produced at the same time -- 16th - 25th June, 2015 by Efe-Keeyz in his studio; and were released afterwards online. However, the songs were not all composed at the same time.

Butterfly: This song was composed the year 2012 through the year 2014. In 2012, I composed the first two verses and their choruses. Then in the following two years, I added the third verse and chorus, the bridge and raps. I don’t think there was any idea for the song; I just followed an inspired rhythm and kept working the lines.

Change Ur Style: This song was composed 22nd - 24th May, 2015. The verse one, bridge, chorus and vamp were composed on the 22nd -- I know because I penned down the date. The rest were done on the 24th.
The idea behind this song was to have a ‘Nigerian Style’ of song. Though this wasn’t my first composed ‘Nigerian Style’, I chose to add it to the EP because it has my style in it. The others were out of pressure (from some people I met or knew) to compose ‘Nigerian Songs’, as this would help my musical career as a Nigerian in Nigeria. And I gave in because it’s actually still music. But “Change ur Style” was out of my interest to play with the common Nigerian genre, so I regard it more. The composition to me was a feat not a necessity. Still, it’s not my first but second; the theme of the first is same as “You’ve Gone Wild” and I didn’t want two of that in the EP.

You’ve Gone Wild: Wow! I’ve always loved crazy when I can afford it; and this time I was able to. This song was composed on the 22nd May, 2015 -- I didn’t pen down the time!! And right now, I can’t seem to remember which was composed first on that day -- this or that.
I got inspired to compose a metal after listening in awe for many days to Helldorado’s “All Eyes on Me”. Before now I’ve loved hard rock, and always told myself, “one day…” Then the day came.
The pitch of the song was raised because my low pitch was not good enough for the genre. So I arranged it that way. But I was glad I found ‘a partner in crime’ - the genre, a reason to use my high pitch and rope in my producer. And he gave in, though reluctantly.

By the Rain: This song was composed in May, 2015. I didn’t note the day, but it was before “Change ur Style” and “You’ve Gone Wild”.  It was after these two I realized I didn’t note the date, so I just noted the month.
I had wanted to compose a dark abstractly deep song. But I eventually created something light but deep. While working my mind till I penned down the first half of the first verse, all that kept flowing was love related. So, I left it be; and accepted to make it a love song, but sticked to the abstract.
The chorus was initially three lines, but during production my producer asked that an extra line be added. So I added “Our rest has come to stay” as the second line.

My Friend: The lyrics of this song were composed in 2014. It was initially composed for a beat by Ohio Odion titled “Track Rap”; and Odion home-produced it in 2014. Then in 2015, I studio-produced it without using Odion’s beat; this was 19th February, 2015. When Odion produced, he removed some lines in both verse of the rap. These were replaced in the studio version. The song was remade between April 29th and May, 2015 (alongside “Let’s Rock It” songs). But no changes were made to it, it was just re-voiced -- and there was barely any change to that too.
The idea behind the lyrics was to just find a theme that fit into Odion’s beat. I found friendship. But the challenge was I barely have friends; and during that period, I barely had any. Still I had to put something together. And I found inspiration from Odion & Omon Ohio’s life.

I did notice I seemed to have picked more of my recent compositions for this EP, but I felt they fit right in.