9 May 2016

Let’s Rock It (EP)

The EP Let’s Rock It was compiled in May, 2015. All the songs (in the compilation) were singles released at different period up to 2015. But between April-May, 2015 I remade, or rather re-voiced all the solo parts in all the songs. Afterwards, I released them as an EP.

The first song on the list - Let’s Rock It, was initially recorded and produced Feb 20th, 2015. It was studio produced by Louis-Jay. I composed the song sometime in 2013. The idea behind the song was to compose something different from my usual, something relaxing, exciting, neutral, and something simple - not complexly worded. However, the remake was slightly different from the original because, the producer (Efe-Keeyz) who did the finishing added little and subtracted little!

The second song on the list - Dreams, was initially home produced by Odion Ohio (https://soundcloud.com/ohio-odion) in 2014. The song was composed for a beat made by Odion. I composed the lyrics following his beat (in 2014). I think the beat’s title was Dream. When I listened to it, I did hear dreams; so, I wrote about dreams. Then, when I was to remake all other songs on the list, I studio recorded it using Odion’s beat still. However, the producer (Efe-Keeyz) who did the finishing, added extra accompaniment to it - Odion was okay with it.

The third song on the list - I Can Achieve Great Feat, was initially recorded and produced in July, 2013. It was studio produced by Efe-Keeyz. The song was composed in 2012 (between April - July, 2012). The idea behind the composition was to do a fast beat. The bridge of the song was added by the producer; he said it was necessary and I felt it was okay. At the point of recording, I wasn’t sure of the genre, all I knew was it was composed to be fast; the producer said it sounded like dancehall. So, it was produced as dancehall.

The fourth song on the list - This Land of Magic, was initially recorded and produced on the 19th November, 2012. The song was composed in 2012 (between April - July, 2012). It was studio produced by Efe-Keeyz. It was composed as a ballad; slow tempo love song. The idea behind the composition was cartoon! I love cartoon ballads. However, at the point of production, I couldn’t hold it well and the producer felt I should just make it a dance song; so it became Techno. The bridge was reconstructed by the producer; because he was not satisfied with my own arrangement. And 
a line was removed from the verse.

The last song on the list - He Got Me Mad, was initially named Two Wrongs. The title was changed during the remake; I felt it should be this since it’s not poetry. The song was first recorded and produced 16th November, 2012. It was studio produced by Efe-Keeyz.  It was composed in 2012 (between April - July, 2012), among some other songs I composed then; and it wasn’t the first song composed in the set but just happened to be the first I chose to produce. There was no idea to this composition. I just found myself humming a rhythm, and then I seemed to hear the line He got me mad, so I decided to analyze it. How would someone get another mad or vexed? I racked my brain over it, and the subject matter of Two Wrongs clicked. Now, I did thought of many possibilities to that question but, I believe I settled for Two Wrongs because “My songs focus majorly on change…” (http://rebekahflora.com/2015/08/my-songs.html).

The song My Friend was initially added to this list (because it was remade too). But I later removed it and added it to Butterfly EP. So each EP has five songs in it.

The entire remake was produced by Louis-Jay and Efe-Keeyz. Louis-Jay handled the re-voicing in N’trance studio, while Efe-Keeyz did the final engineering (mixing and mastering) in his own studio.