12 Aug 2016

Rebekah-Flora (Album)

This album was released in June, 2015 - just after Butterfly (EP). It’s a combination of Let’s Rock It (EP) and Butterfly (EP). This was done for economical reason - avoiding the need to pay more for less.

I made the album when I needed to upload my EPs on a distribution site (online), and it turned out they didn’t have a different pricing for EPs. It’s just Single and Album. But they do accept multiple CDs (and I assumed that could be albums) to be uploaded as an album. Each CD is tagged a disk. Hence, disk 1 (Let’s Rock It) and disk 2 (Butterfly).  And I named the Album Rebekah-Flora - which was the name I’d been using until January, 2016 when I changed to a short form - Rebflora. Then, I also used a different artwork.

I chose this as the album’s name because I felt the EPs are entities. Picking a song from either to name this compilation would not be fair; and it seemed like tautology too.

However, after all the effort to save some money for distribution, I’m yet to spend a dime! Actually, the site allows for free upload. Distribution will only take place when you choose that option and pay for it. 

So, I was planning for the future!!