5 Aug 2015

My Songs

My songs focus majorly on change; and positive outlook to life. Change is constant, but we don't easily embrace it. Yeah, it's not always easy to.

This focus embraces different aspects: Love; Anger; Bitterness; Soberness; Excitement etc.

I believe, it is far better to accept change than wallow in the past or self pity. This is usually my content.
Accept Love if  someone offers it; though you've experienced heartbreak before. Accept to step away when love is no longer there; though Love used to be there. Accept to fight, though you really love peace, because the situation after careful analysis requires that; and as many as you can imagine.

Apply change when required. Don't cower.

Conclusively, I don't write or compose out of my personal experience. This world is housed with many 'libraries'. So, I search through multiples and analyze. 
Put differently, I view and use various information base on what I know of life; not my own personal experience.