2 Aug 2015

How I Rehearse

I sing better now. That is to say, my effort paid off.
One of my motto/mantra in life is: look inwards. In the midst of walking amongst the crowd, pay attention to your inner self.

Now, when I rehearse, I know there should be breathe exercises first. So, I do one or two; though am not too particular about this because (presently) I don't have a coach, and the intention is to make progress not damage.

Then, the main course, I start singing with few selected songs. These cover each register I believe I possess. I start with the upper-middle range, to the middle range, to the lowest range, then finally the highest range. That's four points. A song for each point if am constrained by time/activities. If not, then two songs consecutively. Now that's warm up/ fast rehearsal.

Afterwards, I rest a bit, say 15 - 45mins. Use that time to tidy up and/or do chores.

Next, I move to another selection or list of songs, about 10 or more songs. I sing along and can improvise too. This takes about 45mins to 1:30mins. In between, I sometimes self-record to hear myself. That's it.

Should end with a warm down or breathe exercise I suppose.

For my selected songs, I use various artistes. My three major influences are inclusive (mostly): Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey; then any other artiste, even you. As long as it suits me, suits my purpose of training myself. I also do include few of my songs to the list too; I'm glad I can do that.

However, (now that I have up to ten (10) songs) after the initial 4-8 songs used for warm up, I might just move to my songs. To rehearse them!

Oh, I didn't make mention of any musical instrument or accompaniment. I don't have any for now. Sometimes, I use the piano app on my phone and/or Fruity Loops.