21 Jun 2021

Musical Bond

Most people are influenced by someone or people on the path they've chosen to walk or believed they should walk. Sometimes, these influencers are or become direct mentors, and other times they are connected to via contents they've created. Thus, contents can possess the force to direct a person on their path.

In my early journey in music, the question of who my musical mentor(s) is was constant, till it became irritating; because I didn't step into music because of anyone. But after some years, I assessed my musical journey and realized that they were some artists who caused me to keep opening my mouth to sing, and I concur they influenced me. So, I replaced the word mentor with influence, and it was reliving; because mentor had been popularly used by those who did (with me) to imply who or those I sounded like. Influence to me, was whoever energizes me enough to open my mouth to sing; even when we didn't sound alike.

I've found that in Life, fragments or components of ourselves live in others, and we reclaim them or rebuild them via interaction – directly or indirectly. Sometimes a person regains these selves via conscious use of principles, and sometimes, its unconscious. [Bonding isn't a scope of this page, even though it's a core aspect of this page. So I'll leave it at those few words.]

I stumbled upon Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres weeks ago. I happen to love gymnastic and figure skating, and if my data balance allow, I watch clips when I come across them. So I watched them skate to ‘Sound of Silence' by Disturbed (on YouTube). I so much loved their performance that I chose to be in denial of the performance music I was in awe of too. I eventually gave in to the music after multiple views. Found its mp3 and lyrics, and the darkness of the song encapsulated me. Thence I found one that featured Myles Kennedy. I anxiously hoped for the best because I didn't want the darkness removed. It was untouched! He added to the beauty. That was how Disturbed introduced me to Myles Kennedy. I'd planned to rehearse with that of Disturbed on a higher octave, because I believed that's how I should. And Myles feature proved I was on point.

After days of rehearsing, I realized David's voice gave my voice stability, and Myles' gave it continuity. This made me revisit “bonding”. This made these influencers different from my initials. It was kind of funny to me, where one looks for a thing, and where a thing can actually be. Still one just has to keeping moving and (wisely) interacting and hopefully one will meet or stumble upon the needful.

What a world we live in; where we arrive in part!


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