28 Jun 2021

Musical Bond II

So, I've caught an epiphany. Literary recital bond and motion recital bond have been what I'm familiar with. It's not that I found musical recital bond far-fetched, rather I think it conflicting with music as a Way, i.e. a Gap.

I do sometimes study the lyrics of my (produced) songs and find hidden or deeper perspective within them. Whereas most of the songs were written from a general perspective. Oblivion, Really and (not yet produced) Time and Season are the three songs I did inject some direct perspective of myself into. But now with one phase ending and another beginning, I think I might start creating musical recital bonds. It sounds interesting, but it's complex; as complex as the other two recital bonds. So, I don't know if I have enough time to spare that. 

In my previous post, I refused to go deep into recital bond, but as I happen to find myself mentioning it again here, I will. Recital bond is a formatted resource that is archived into a person or thing – which is an archiver, with a link to the owner or intended owner. The link is why it is a bond. The format is why it is recital – it is parsed as an event or story. Many literary works and motion pictures are recital bonds. The lock of the (hidden or archived) resource breaks open when the link binds. While one person is decoding from a piece of work, another can just be getting entertained. While one person can rebuild from a piece of work, another person lacks the access (regardless of how hard they try to do the same thing using gathered knowledge), because they are not bond to the recital. Definitely, hackers exist, therefore various security measures exist too within a recital bond. For instance, you might need to watch a movie from the beginning to the end, and then re-watch it multiple times before the link will sync; if it is a person, after viewing them, you would need to track them. Track not stalk. So, you need to know how tracking works.

Thus, a musical recital bond would be formatted with music. That is, the resource after being created will be sealed as a song. The link is bound to a voice, rather than body movement or mental movement. Sang with the wrong voice or listened to with the wrong mindset, it will remain sealed. Note: Stored resource is the focus, and not music. So, this bond has multiple components too, like its counterparts. 

The recital bonds mentioned above are the standard or formal ones. Informal recital bonds do exist too. ‘Mere' people or things can act as or are used as archivers to reload component resources into another via transient interaction. Informal recital bonds should be easier to retrieve from, but in this world, they happen to be the most difficult because of selfishness and misogyny – if the sex of the archiver is male, and the resource is intended for a female. Yet the safest sex for archives (in this world) are males, because the resource would rarely be scrutinized by authorities and would thus be intact; while the problem is requisition. Things are mostly acquired from people here via challenge or fight. With males being physically stronger, females mostly lose. But a true challenge is about winning; not about physical strength or muscles. And other strengths exist aside the physical strength or muscles. That's how I won (against males) thus far, and retrieved most of my components. None gave it freely. However, I'm glad I'm at a level now where I deal with standard recital bonds, because the informal recital bonds here are infuriating – challenging people that won't follow rules of engagement because here allows for chaos while (my) recital bonds work with rules of engagement.

In summary, recital bond is about archiving of resources or dumping – archiving of components of a person or being, and attaching a receiver's credentials or link to the archive. The archivers are not worn down by the load because they are archivers; and they carry their capacity. Informal archive contains minimal load. This is standard practice. 

In conclusion, I'm not yet sure of what resource I would be archiving musically. For now, it's just a plan.


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